• January
  • Yoga Class

    Every Wednesday 6.30pm - 7.30pm

    £6.50 per person

    Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class run by instructor Helen Jones

    Contact Helen on 07799 052 407 or email ashtangamansfield@gmail.com for more details.


  • Music Lessons

    Tuesday Evenings plus other ad hoc slots available

    Variable depending on age and requirements

    Professional 1:1 music lessons now available at Create!

    Singing, piano, keyboard, guitar, bass guitar, woodwind, music theory and vocal coaching. 

    Audition preparation sessions also available.

    Available to those aged 13+

    All levels taught.

    Both regular and one off sessions available.

    Grades and exams offered

    Competitive rates.

    Contact info@createtheatre.co.uk for more details


  • March
  • Of Men and Crows - Album Launch

    Monday 8th May 2017 7pm

    £5 (£4 concessions)

    Crawling straight out of Mansfield, UK, Of Men and Crows are a dynamic yet sensitive alternate-rock group whose mission is to shake up the music scene. All four members contribute to songwriting, creating an intriguing mix of styles. Daniel and Ash share the vocals. Rob, Ash and Heather play guitars and Heather doubles on bass.


    Of Men and Crows blend the melodic hooks and guitar-driven rock of the Foo Fighters or Kings of Leon with the emotional lyricism and classic song writing of the Fray and Against the Current. 


    The band release their eponymous and self-produced debut album on Monday 8th May, preceded by the single There To Find on 22nd March 2017.

  • Memory Box and Damage Control

    Tuesday 4th April 7.30pm

    £5 (£4 concessions)

    Memory Box

    A piece of physical theatre exploring dementia. The piece takes you on a couple's journey through memories that become a blur as dementia takes hold. 


    Damage Control 

    Political satire inspired by current events, Damage Control is the story of one politician's attempt to salvage a shameful reputation, but how far can a person go before there is no going back? Perhaps some mistakes simply can't be undone.

  • A Death in Zrosa & Defeated

    Wednesday 5th April 2017 7.30pm

    £5 (£4 concessions)

    A Death in Zrosa

    Zrosa is in peril! Bombarded by an enormous troll, the city is at breaking point, with the king looking for any and all to stand up against the menace. Benjamin, a young man hailing from the heroic Harken ancestral line, is willing to stand up against the troll to bring his families name back from the point of no return, but will he prevail, or is there something darker lurking in the shadows? Come one and all to witness a story of war, loss and family. Travel through the land, ranging from the bustling city of Zrosa, to the eerie silence of the troll's cave and beyond. Immerse yourself in a fantasy world with the assistance of both live performance and digital animation, provided by the BA Performing Arts and HND Interactive Media students.

  • Pericles

    Wednesday 3rd May & Thursday 4th May 2017 7pm

    £5 (£4 concessions)

    BA Theatre students at Vision West Nottinghamshire College are proud to present their final piece of work: William Shakespeare’s Pericles.

    Bear witness to a tale of woe, not far
    From those we see today in Aleppo;
    With vile incest and a murderous rage,
    Great tragedy will fill our humble stage.
    Family parted through shipwreck and storm;
    Across many lands our story is born,
    But with hope, will all be well in the end?
    You may find the answer if you attend.

  • Getting Attention

    Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th May 2017 7pm

    £5 (£4 concessions)

    By Martin Crimp


    What does it mean to be a “family”?


    Sexual desire between partners? Passion? Trust? Neglect? Abuse?


    A young couple driven by their obsession with each other disregard the elephant locked in the room. The ignorance and powerlessness of neighbours and government officials unable to prevent the atrocities being committed in front of their sightless eyes.


    The evening also includes a pre-show performance: Face to the Wall by Martin Crimp


    A look at the media and its relentless influence on the news and real events. How do you feel when you see disaster strike? Do you “like” it on Facebook or do you “retweet” on Twitter expecting it to make a difference? Are you happy with your blissful ignorance?

  • Malice

    Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th April 2017 7.30pm

    £6 Full Price & £3 for VWNC Students

    By Matt Lamb
    Director: Christopher Neil


    Education @ The Palace and Vision West Nottinghamshire College Performing Arts Department present this new play by Matt Lamb, one of the Write Track playwrights.


    A new member, Max, arrives to be initiated into the gang.  Francis is clear that he is the leader, but Malice has other ideas.  What happens when respect and loyalty get questioned and challenged by the gang members?
    The world of the gang is played out through a series of challenges / games.  Seth and Maggie enjoy testing others.  Tommy remains quiet.  Max is not sure how to gain respect in this world of jealously and mistrust.
    Join us for this engaging examination of human behaviour!

    Duration: Approx 1hr 10 mins

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